Wrists and Hands Hurt From Crocheting? Here Are 5 Tips for Pain Relief | How to Prevent Wrist + Hand Pain from Crocheting

Wrists and Hands Hurt From Crocheting? Here Are 5 Tips for Pain Relief | How to Prevent Wrist + Hand Pain from Crocheting

If you're an avid crocheter like me, your wrists and hands probably hurt a LOT from constant crocheting and repetitive motions.

Over the past few years, I've found some tips and tricks to help minimize wrist, hand, and thumb pain while crocheting.

1. It's all about the crochet hook

If you're a beginner crocheter, you likely just purchased the cheapest or most simple crochet hook you could find in store. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that - that's exactly what I did, too! But there's a reason why the "nicer" crochet hooks are more expensive.

Remember when you were in elementary school and you'd use those foam or rubber pencil grips to help make writing easier? Think of crochet hooks with grips as the pencils with pencil grips.

clover crochet hooks

A few years back I invested in some nice Clover crochet hooks - and have literally been in love with them since. I wholeheartedly love these hooks more than any other brand I've tried. The silicone (?) grip makes it so easy to hold and doesn't give my thumb that awful cramping feeling. Not to mention the hook part that actually wraps around yarn is nice and smooth so it doesn't snag on your yarn.

There are a bunch of grippy crochet hooks out there, so find a brand that works for you!

2. A CBD salve/lotion is your savior

Ya girl has terrible knees so I had been using a CBD cream and I thought to myself, "Hmm, lemme try this on my thumbs/hands" when I started to feel pain from crocheting... and lemme tell ya... that ish WORKS. You can apply a topical CBD salve or cream daily to proactively help any part of your hands that may hurt from crocheting, or you can apply as needed. 

cbd cream from FABCBD for crocheters

When my TikTok video went viral and I quite literally had to crochet 800+ sunflower vape holder keychains, I was doing the same repetitive motions over and over, and this CBD cream from Fab CBD was a LIFE SAVER.

3. If your wrists/hands/thumbs start to hurt, wear a brace.

There have been many times when I already started to feel pain in my wrists and hands and I said, "Ehh I'll get over it" and as you can imagine, I did not get over it. You can find wrist braces and thumb braces at pretty much any drugstore. 

4. Loosen your tension

Crocheting too tightly can be a cause of wrist and hand pain. Try loosening up your tension a bit and see if you notice a difference! 

5. Try some wrist and hand exercises

No one really thinks to exercise their hands - but for crocheters, this one is actually a great tidbit of advice. Here are 10 exercises to help prevent hand and wrist cramping and pain from crocheting.

Hopefully these five tips will help to prevent any unnecessary hand and wrist pain. Happy crocheting!

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First, I love your blog name—second, great idea on the fingerless gloves. Third, I may give that CBD cream a try too. Thanks!

valerie goerner

Thank you. I have R.A., and I’ve always just hurt quietly and gone on with the next stitch, the next row. Found my winter fingerless gloves, and that small relief has me sighing in relief. I will order the CBD cream tomorrow. Thank you.

Martha Lanclos

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