12 Things You Can Put In Your Mushroom Keychain

12 Things You Can Put In Your Mushroom Keychain

A crochet mushroom keychain is the cutest accessory to add to your set of keys or to hang from your backpack - but did you know they're also functional?

We sell two different sizes of mushroom keychains: the Chapstick/lighter size and the vape pen/dab cart size.

crochet mushroom keychains for holding chapstick, lighters, vape pens, dab carts

BUT there are also other items you can fit in there, too! Here are some of our favorite ways you can use your mushroom keychain:

1. The classic Chapstick/lip balm holder

If you're anything like us, you're constantly losing your lip balm at the bottom of your tote bag or you forgot to take you car lip balm with you during your night out with friends. Place your lip balm, Chapstick, lip gloss, even your lipsticks in your mushroom keychain so you never forget it! (Our vape pen/dab cart size also fits long, skinny glosses, while our Chapstick/lighter size fits smaller, chubbier sizes like the classic Chapstick brand.)

2. Lighters

For those of you who smoke or are candle gurus, this one's self-explanatory. And the best part is that our mushroom keychains fit your classic BIC lighters PERFECTLY. (These fit in our Chapstick/lighter size).

3. Crystals

crochet mushroom keychain holder for crystals, lighters

You can carry around your crystals in our Chapstick/lighter size mushroom keychain! No more digging around at the bottom of your purse to find them when you need 'em.

4. Money

This one's soooo versatile. In either our Chapstick/lighter or vape pen/dab cart sizes, you can roll up a few bills and always have some spare cash on you. Perfect for a concert when the venue doesn't allow large bags, or when you forget your wallet at home and need to grab something while you're out.

5. Essential oils

Yup! Those classic 5-10mL bottles will fit in our Chapstick/lighter size!

6. Crochet hooks

Now this one's very niche, but it works. Crochet hooks fit in the vape pen/dab cart size!

7. Keys

We've also tested out house keys to see if they fit in the Chapstick/lighter size, and they do! Just don't forget about that it's in there (we don't want you getting locked out of your house).

8. Tampons

girl saying "it's literally impossible to know when your period will hit"

For our friends who bleed monthly, these are the perfect, discreet way of carrying an extra tampon around. A compact tampon will fit in the Chapstick/lighter size, and a regular, non-compact tampon will fit in the vape pen/dab cart size. Just give the base of the keychain a little stretch and it should be good to go!

9. Rings/jewelry

Having a pool or beach day and don't wanna wear your rings or necklace in the water? Keep 'em in your mushroom keychain for safe keeping while you're enjoying the water!

10. Mascara, eyeliner, concealer, etc.

Pretty much any long, skinny tube of makeup will fit in our vape pen/dab cart keychains. Or if you've got one of those smaller, shorter tubes of brow gel, those would fit in our Chapstick/lighter size!)

11. Barrettes, bobby pins, small hair clips, hair ties, etc.

We're all guilty of forgetting a hair tie or clip every once in a while. Keep one or some in either of the mushroom keychain sizes so you never are stuck without 'em!

12. Vape pens/dab carts

If you're going to smoke, please do it responsibly my dudes. But yes - vape pens and dab carts (as long as they're no bigger than 1" wide and 4.5" long, will fit in our vape pen/dab cart size (Regular writing pens fit, too!)

Have you used your mushroom keychain to hold something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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